About Us

The 123car-me web platform originated from the idea of “connecting” people from these
places who visit the countries of Central and Western Europe, whether those traveling there
for work, visiting relatives and friends, or merely tourist. It is noticeable that in the last few
years there have been frequent movements of people from these territories in relation to the
Balkan countries and the countries of Central and Western Europe (Austria, Switzerland,
Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, etc.), and the idea was that people
makes it easy to find transportation at any time. Accordingly, this web platform seeks to
contact small, certified, free-standing carriers for the purpose of providing someone with a
shuttle service and anyone who would like to travel with carriers who arrive at and travel to
their desired address and all that. in the shortest possible time. In this way, passengers are able
to choose the service that fits the desired departure time to a certain destination, by direct
arrangements with the carriers and the price that corresponds to their wallets, which is
enabled by the flexibility of small carriers.

The platform provides all interested carriers with an insight into the passenger and package
announcement database, which they can do by completing a short form. It is important to note
that carrier registration is notified and that without a created order on our platform it is not
possible to provide transportation services. The registration carrier provides an insight into the
contact details of the passengers who have allowed communication and to send arrangements
about the transportation services they provide. On the other hand, they can use the platform
without registration, while posting a request for transportation on a particular route, after
concluding a transport agreement, they can remove the unique codes obtained when creating
the post.

Considering that 123car-me is only the intermediary in contacting requesting and offering
transport services, it is important to note that the platform does not participate in the creation
of transport prices, payment methods and all other details regarding the provision and use
transportation service. All details relating to the transport services are based on an agreement
between the carrier and the passenger and are specified off-platform after the parties have
been contacted.

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