Daily budget for the day spent in Vienna

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With this text, we want to introduce our readers to the daily expenses of traveling to Vienna. The content of this article will include various expenses, beginning from food, through transportation, to accommodation expenses. This article can also be useful to visitors who plan to work or study in Vienna, especially when it comes to daily budgets for food, accommodation, and transportation. What this article will not include are additional expenses that you should certainly consider when you plan your budget if you want to include night outings or shopping into your visit to Vienna.

Daily budget: €64

Tourist attractions: €12

Breakfast: €5

Lunch: €6

Dinner: €11

Drink/Dessert: €3.5

Transportation: €2.20

Accommodation (Hostel): €24

Budget for tourist attractions and cultural content

Gallery of Art Museum in Vienna

The tourist attractions that this town offers are abundant with cultural content that you can enjoy. If you are not ready to spend a part of your budget for this category, then you can certainly afford free sightseeing of some magnificent cultural buildings that the capital of the former Austrian Empire has to offer. For those who are still planning to allocate a part of their budget to this category, we’ve prepared some of the most frequent suggestions when it comes to Austrian capital:

  • Kunst Haus Wien: €11-12
  • Museum of Military History: €6
  • Museum of Art History: €12-16
  • Belvedere Palace and Museum: €8-15
  • Imperial Vault: €12
  • Schönbrunn Palace: €14.20-17.50
  • City sightseeing walking tour: Free – €50 (Some organized tours include meals at local restaurants as well as tickets for some of the tourist attractions.)

Daily budget for food

Traditional lunch in Vienna

When it comes to food, there are many options to tailor a decent daily budget for this category in spite of the fact that the expenses for daily meals may reach a very high price, depending on the choice of restaurants and the quality of service. The meals that offer an authentic experience of introduction to Vienna are certainly various types of sausages, tafelspitz (cooked veal), and the well known Viennese steak, and many more.

Breakfast and coffee: free – €5

Many hostels offer a free breakfast which usually consists of croissants, pastries, cereals, sometimes milk, tea or orange juice which depends on the quality and the price of service of a hostel. On the other hand, hotels offer breakfasts often at unfavorable prices, so avoid this option if you want a more rational use of your budget.

Coffee-bars are an unavoidable part of daily life in Vienna. The citizens of Vienna love their coffees, and in addition to classic espresso coffee, they also prefer verlängerter (espresso with plenty of water – most similar to the American filter coffee) and einspanner (double espresso with whipped cream). If you are a coffee lover, you can expect to spend between €1.5 and €3 for this pleasure.

The breakfast you can get at some of the local bars may cost you from €1.5 to €5, depending on whether you choose a lighter breakfast which consists of a pastry or whether you prefer a more complete meal in the morning hours.

Lunch budget: €3.50-6

If you don’t have a big budget at your disposal, you can tailor a lunch for a couple of Euros if you decide to buy food at some of the local shops where you can find all the necessary groceries (bread, cheese, delicatessens, vegetables, and fruits).

  • City markets like Naschmarkt, Brunnenmarkt or Karmelitemarkt also offer a wide range of fresh groceries for every meal.
  • Small bars and fast food shops, which offer various types of sandwiches, steaks, and kebabs, can be a good choice if you love fast food, caloric, and spicy food.
  • The Buffet Colosseum is often recommended as a good old canteen known for its food supply at fairly low prices.

Diner Budget: €4-10

  • Traditional Austrian steaks at local restaurants usually cost between €7.50 and €14.
  • The city’s supermarkets offer a decent assortment when it comes to food used in Middle-eastern and Asian national kitchens at very affordable prices.
  • A meal at some of the Naschmarkt stalls (the most famous Viennese market) can cost you between €5 and €8, while for the meal at average Palestinian restaurants you may expect to pay between €6 and €10.
  • If you still prefer a classical student food, take into account that the price of pizza at local fast-food restaurants ranges from €4 – €7.

Transport expenses in Vienna

A tram arrives at the station

Vienna has a well organized public transport system, so you will have no trouble reaching any part of the city in a short period of time. The city also offers types of tickets that provide the possibility of using all transit networks in the inner city area (metro, train, trolley, and bus) as well as the convenience of discounts, and even free tickets to some museums and other tourist attractions. If you use public transport without having a transport ticket, keep in mind that the fines for this demeanor cost around €100.

You can buy tickets for public transportation networks at various prices depending on the ticket duration. It is important to know that, when you buy a ticket, there is a possibility to pay for the shuttle service between the airport and the city center for about €10, which may be pretty affordable for those traveling by air. If need additional information about using public transport in Vienna, please read this article.

Transportation from/to the Airport

  • By taxi: around €45
  • By bus: €8
  • By train: €12 (one way) or €19 (both ways)

Renting a bicycle:

  • The first hour is free of charge while 2h cost €1, 3h cost €2, 4h cost €3, or you can buy a ticket for renting a bicycle for one or several days.

Accommodation expenses in Vienna

Hotel room in Vienna

Accommodation prices in Vienna range in a broad span, depending on the type of accommodation you want and can afford. A price for a one night stand in a hostel is not too high, while Airbnb offers really good options when it comes to private accommodation, if you need a little more privacy, considering that the use of this web platform is very popular with Vienna landlords.

Accommodation prices at a hostel: €19-€28

If you wish to stay in a decent hostel, you should expect to pay around €22 for a night stay per person. Keep in mind that many hostels raise accommodation prices during the weekends. This price includes a bed in a room shared by several persons, while if you prefer a private room for two persons, you will have to pay from €55-€90, so in that case, a private renting of the apartment through Airbnb would be a more convenient option.

Price for hotel accommodation: €90-€150

Renting accommodation at a downtown hotel will cost you between €90 and €120. If you don’t mind being far from the city core, you can find more convenient options for hotel accommodation. Prices for hotel accommodation vary depending on the season, location, and other criteria which you can see if you visit one of the most prominent web sites for accommodation search – Booking.com.

Renting an apartment: €55-€100

You can easily find apartments for rent in Vienna, while the price can be pretty unfavorable in some cases. Renting an apartment can be a bull’s eye, especially if it is a group of several persons who travel together, who, thus, need more space and often the use of a kitchen. It is important to note that in many cases there are additional expenses for renting an apartment, such as expenses for cleaning and other service expenses, as well as a number of complications when checking at certain accommodations, which usually doesn’t suit the visitors who do not plan a longer stay.

We hope you find this article useful if you plan to visit this European capital. If you want to find out more about the lifestyle in Vienna, places you can visit or get some useful information for planning your trip, please visit the web site of their tourist info center.

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