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Dear readers, with this article I would like to familiarize you with the topic that will be discussing further in this blog. The main objective of this blog will be informing the future potential clients of web-app 123car-me about useful information regarding the platform and details on transportation services and other things that visitors of the blog might find relevant.

The online platform of 123car-me came with an idea of connecting people from this region who plan to visit Central European countries, whether they travel for business, as tourists, to visit friends and family or any other purpose. For the past years, the number of travelers from the Balkan region to countries of Central and Western Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, France, etc.) has increased noticeably, therefore the idea to help those people in finding suitable transportation at the given moment. With that being said, this web-platform is planning on bringing a number of small transportation companies in order to deliver excellent service to those who want to avoid spending a lot of time on multiple bus stations in order to get to their desired destination. This way, passengers will be able to choose their means of transportation which is suitable for their traveling conditions (date of departure & price) a bit easier considering the flexibility small transportation companies may be able to offer.

How to use transportation services

The platform allows all interested transportation companies to present their services which they can do by simply filling in brief forms. It’s important to mention that the registration of transportation companies is mandatory and without an approved account on our platform, one won’t be able to provide transportation services on it. By signing up, the transportation company gets all the necessary information about passengers looking for a service, which allows it to further communicate with them and to make a deal regarding the service that is being offered. On the other side, passengers may use the platform without registration to make a post (notice), regarding the type of service they’re looking for. Later, after the deal is made with a transportation company, that post will be removed using a given code (that the user (passenger) will get after successfully making a deal).

registration page

Considering that 123car-me is just a mediator between people looking for and people offering transportation services, it’s important to mention that the platform takes no part in defining the price, methods of payment and other details regarding using and providing transportation services. All those details are defined outside of this platform, between transportation companies and their clients.

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